What is Women’s iLab?

Women’s iLab is a platform created by female leaders to help encourage and inspire the next generation. We believe in innovation and women empowering women. Women’s iLab is an opportunity for female leaders from every industry to connect and network with one another, as well as share their ideas and perspectives.

What is innovation?

Innovation is disruption of the current. It is a fresh idea, a reformed product, a new business, the development of an industry, or an improvement of one’s state of mind and living.  Innovation cuts across every single industry and lifestyle. We believe that risk takers and disruptors of the norm are essential to unveiling groundbreaking innovation.

How do I get involved with Women’s iLab?

It’s easy! Submit your profile or idea here! As a member of Women’s iLab, you can build your brand by learning from our resourceful content, sharing your own stories and ideas, establishing your own personal profile, and networking with distinguished leaders across all industries at our sponsored and hosted events. Follow us on Facebook, help us trend on Twitter, like us on Instagram, and repost our content on your own social media portals.

Founded by Tara Chang and Katrina Melesciuc Headquartered in Boston.