4 Ways to Restore Balance


Sometimes life can be overwhelming. I am first to admit it and to own up to my anxieties on this. I often times push myself to go-go-go and then realize that that sort of lifestyle and mentality is quite frankly, doing nothing for my well-being. I get tired and burnt out which can make my mood take a turn for the worse.

Dolce Far Niente or the Sweetness of Nothing is not exactly a treasured way of living in the States. Our country was built on the idea of opportunities and unlike some other places that work around siestas or have a history of peerage, our roots tend to be more competitive with achievements as there are more opportunities… and laziness? Not exactly a sexy trait ’round here! My point is this: nap taking in corporate offices is more often frowned upon (tae me back to SPAIN!) and we love, love, LOVE a good rags to riches story. With all that potential out there, who has time to be laid back?

Anyways, I naturally have this push and drive that I love and it makes me me but it also is exhausting so reminding myself to restore some balance and to give myself breaks is important. It isn’t second nature, no matter how much I love sitting at home on the couch doing nothing and being cozy, I am ALWAYS thinking about what I could be doing and unfortunately, make myself feel a little guilty in the moments that I am idle. I realize this pattern I have so I go out of my way to ensure that I follow a few things to break it.

These four rules I try to live by to allow myself to find the medium of happiness and honestly, when I commit to making these things a priority, I feel so much better.


Take 20 Minutes to Yourself

Take some time out and do whatever it is that you need to do for you. Eat something delicious, go for a walk, read a magazine, play an instrument, color, paint your nails, put on a face mask, whatever it is- do it! Ensuring that you have some time set aside where you don’t have to be consistently thinking or doing, is nice. Just take that time to BE.

Prioritize Sleep

“Sleep when you die” = the stupidest line in my book EVER. Welp, I’ll sleep for ya because I love it! Sleep is the time that your body can rejuvenate itself. It’s healing and you know that moment when you fall into that sweet abyss of relaxation and you feel your muscles practically melt? Dear God, that is just so good. Give your bod more of that!

Commit to Exercise

Make it a priority- even on those days you would rather curl up in bed, binge eating and binge watching because no one ever regretted a good old sweat session! If you keep that mentality and make your workout dates and commitments of utmost priority, you will start to feel those happies that allow you to better compartmentalize the external stressors in your life. This physically keeps that much needed balance.


For you non-believers I will say this, as someone who is definitely a free spirit in terms of doing what they want but does not have a “hippie” soul or vibe, mediation is where it’s at. I’m not saying this because it’s cute to live in San Francisco, wear LuLu’s, and be trendy going to my yoga class with a green drink in hand. (I just laughed writing that). I’m saying this because meditation is absolutely valuable in restoring balance into your life. It allows a time for quiet, mindfulness and to free your head of crazy thoughts. It’s not easy to achieve but keep at it! Even a little bit counts!