Work or Travel? Why not both.

Upon beginning freshman year, young college students have high hopes of certainty in regards to their life path. The amount of money paid for college, you would hope it should guarantee a career after graduation. For me, that was not the case; like many others. One thing that many have found to truly enjoy: travel. Is that a major? Close. There are many different majors that have international job opportunities such as international business, sports, hospitality, etc.

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I’ve been seeing more and more people quitting their jobs to travel, which is awesome if you can do it; although not everyone. So what if you could travel and work at the same time?

I recently crossed paths with a high school friend who started a company that bridges college grads and twenty-something year olds to job opportunities working abroad. 

Billionaire Chris Sacca was on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast this past May. He stated that one of the three top things he looks for in candidates when hiring is that “they have lived, studied, and/or traveled extensively abroad.” 

Global exposure is important. This was an eye opener for me, and I know that with a career center like Expat, more and more college grads will be able to travel the world while gaining rich experiences at the same time.
CEO and Founder of Expat Career Center, Ryan Letourneau, has built his own career abroad as well as in the states. He is working directly with companies and universities to help students start off on a positive note in the real world.

Ryan states, “My biggest advice to college students who are interested in working abroad is to get international experience. Study abroad, backpack, or take a class that brings you to another country. The number one thing that will get you in the door with an international employer is to show that you have a proven desire to be abroad and a strong interest in other cultures. Learning a language is another great way to demonstrate this.”

For me personally, studying abroad was an amazing experience that I believe everyone should take advantage of. Traveling opens yours eyes to so much, and gives you an unparalleled awareness to what is out there, and what you true potential is.

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