Business Reasons Why You Should Get a Manicure


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As a female startup leader, one of your daily activities should be networking. Regardless of whether you are raising funds for your company or have plans to expand your business, you will constantly feel the need to participate in events to network to increase your circle. But to network with someone during a seminar, a presentation or an official meeting, it begins with warm handshake, a standard form of greeting. Needless to say, you hands play key role in helping your prospective clients and partners form first impression about you when they touch your hands. Be it dirty hands, gnarled nails, soft hands, clean hands or perfectly manicured nails, all give off certain impression about you.
Though manicures are widely used to protect and care for fingernails, they also treat the hand and skin. Many a time salons and spas will also massage lotion onto the hands during a manicure session. This helps treating the skin to maintain the softness and hydration your skin needs.
While as a female startup leader you need to take good care of your whole appearance, manicures in particular appear to be an important part of it. For example while interacting with guests, business partner or colleagues, we tend to make several gestures using our hands to point to different things. These are situations when a women’s manicure is quite notable especially if they are not well maintained. Here are some of the tips for you:
• Take good care of your hands by applying creams and taking proper vitamins that will feed the skin around your nails.
• As a female startup leader or business women you can’t afford to have too long nails as this will make it inconvenient for you while working with different documents or working on keyboard.
• Choose common shades like pink, beige or white as they are among the most frequently used colors for business manicure.
• If you are on your way to especial business meeting, have French manicure with some geometric figures on one or two of your nails.
• Though there are no special requirements about the shape of the business manicure, you can choose whatever you like. However be mindful that the upper points of your nails are in different colors from the basic ones.
• Get a regular manicure as this will help you maintain the beauty of your hands and nails. Buff your nails lightly using soft towel and a dab of cuticle oil.
• Mild scrub your hands once a week to maintain silky soft skin. This will help remove dead skin cells, and reveal smooth renewed skin.

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