5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with a Tour

Travel is awesome.  Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and seeing the world through another lens.  What’s not to love?  Though visiting new places can be exhilarating and life changing, the thought of planning it can be somewhat daunting, especially for a solo female.

After much thought, I had decided I wanted to go to Thailand.  I knew a few people who had been and had heard wonderful things.  I began racking my brain for a travel buddy.  I had taken flights alone and consider myself an independent person, but wondering around Asia by myself for the first time made me a little nervous.  Unfortunately, I had no luck.  Everyone I asked either didn’t have the time, money or said “Wow, that sounds awesome…but I just can’t.”  Not wanting to throw in the towel, I began to think of other options.

I had never really given much thought to a tour; my memory of it was the bus tour that my family took to NYC when I was younger.  I also had visions of 25 white haired people slowly following a guy with a clipboard that had a voice that would get old pretty fast.  After doing hours of online research, I realized I was wrong.  There was a world out there built for young, solo travelers like myself who wanted to explore new places but needed a jumping off point.

Beach Koh Tao

I had already narrowed my search down to Thailand and after checking out my options, I settled on an 18 Day Island Hopper Tour with TruTravels.  I was shocked at the organization of the trip, the friendliness of the staff and how affordable it was.  It was aimed at ages 18-35 and was packed with activities and places that I had been looking to squeeze in, plus more.

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I have put together the top five reasons that traveling with a tour could be a great option for you.  It certainly isn’t for everyone and I give major credit to those adventuring completely solo (possibly my next trip), but if you are looking to do some traveling and are unsure where to start, I urge you to look into it.

1) Safety: As a solo female traveler, the thought of exploring a foreign country is scary. Traveling with a group can help ease those fears and give your family back home peace of mind because you are not completely on your own.

Railay Rock

2) Support:  What do I bring?  What if I get sick?  What if I lose my wallet or passport?  These are all questions a traveler may have.  Situations can be magnified when overseas, so it is nice to have someone to lean on if you need.

One of the girls on my trip lost her wallet with everything in it; our tour leader went above and beyond to work with her family back home to make sure she had money to continue on her trip.


3) Stress Relief: Figuring out the logistics of planes, trains, overnight boats, hostels, guest houses, and everything in between causes a lot of stress.  When you are in a non-English speaking country, it can be difficult to find your way to the next destination when you can’t read any of the signs.  Though this can be exciting to figure out on your own, being with a group takes all of that stress off your plate and allows you to focus on enjoying yourself.  I found this important since I was only gone for three weeks and wanted to maximize my time.

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4) Meeting New People:  Since the company I traveled with was based out of the UK, I was the only American.  It was fun to be with a group that was all on the same page about the trip but from different parts of the world.  When backpacking on your own, you will meet tons of people, but it was still nice to have that built-in network.

Boat trip

5) Unique Experiences:  Any trip is going to bring new and exciting adventures, but what I loved about the tour was that we were able to see places that I would never have thought to go on my own.  We went to a National Park where the lake was nestled between mountains and we stayed in floating bungalows.  It was quite a trek to get there, but since it was already all planned out for me, it was simple.  Since the guide was very knowledgeable, he also knew the best boat trips, scuba diving companies, restaurants etc.

KS Nat Park

Most people in their twenties are unaware of the touring possibility for travel.  If you are looking for a trip that comes with minimal planning and maximum experience, I urge you to check out Tour Radar.  On this site, you can compare hundreds of trips that will take you all over the world.  Each one is unique and will provide you with a different type of experience depending on what you are looking for.  You can also check out reviews from past travelers to hear their feedback.  Now stop thinking about it so much and book something!

Happy Traveling!

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