Learn to Take Time For Yourself Because You Deserve It

Most of us live crazy, busy lives because we have to juggle our careers, relationships and responsibilities.  We have so much going on that it is often hard to take a time-out and have some “me time.”  Many women would agree that they do not feel as though they have time to put aside for themselves when they have so many other commitments on their plate.  Ever wish there were more time in the day?  Ever feel as though you don’t even have a minute to breathe?  You aren’t alone.

Taking time each day to focus 100% on yourself will help you live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. Here are a number of ways to give yourself a mental break from the thoughts and stress whirling around your head, giving you more clarity and peace each day:

Me Time at Torrey Pines

Turn off your phone:  Since most of us are constantly connected to our phones, it can be tempting to check out social media when you have some down time.  Before you know it, you have spent 30 minutes browsing, only to find out someone you went to middle school with got engaged.  Important?  Not so much.  Try unplugging for a bit.

Let things go:  It can be hard to leave stress from work at the door, but outside of the office, worrying won’t get you too far.  Allow yourself a few minutes to think of things that are bothering you and then let your mind move on to positive thoughts.

Plan how to spend your time:  Just like you would book an appointment or sign up for a class at the gym, try to schedule your “me time” daily or even at the beginning of the week.  Taking a look at your schedule and penciling in some time can help hold you accountable.  If you really feel like you don’t have time for anything, it might be helpful to take a look at where you are spending the majority of your time and re-evaluate your priorities.  Netflix is awesome, but your time might be spent more wisely.

Realize that you deserve it:  Many of us cater to our families, significant others and even friends to make sure their needs come first.  A lot of us are people-pleasers and want to see those around us fulfilled.  While this is great to do, you should not hesitate to make yourself a priority.  Being happier with yourself will help you be happier in your relationships.

Some ideas?

  • Read before bed instead of watching TV
  • Get up earlier for work and actually have time to enjoy your coffee without rushing out the door
  • Sign up for a yoga class you haven’t tried
  • Write your thoughts down in a journal
  • Find your crafty side and start a new project
  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood
  • Try a guided meditation
  • Do anything else that makes you feel happy and relaxed

Start small if you need to, and don’t forget that life is probably not going to slow down.  Invest in your own well-being and you will be ready to take on the world and anything it throws at you.


korinaAfter graduating from the University of New Hampshire, I ventured out to San Diego, CA where I started my professional career as an Executive Assistant, earned my Master’s in Organizational Management, started a blog and soaked up all the sun and sand that SoCal had to offer. After four years, I am now back in New England looking for new opportunities in Boston.  I enjoy the beach, hiking, traveling, volunteering, cooking, reading and learning/trying new things.

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